All reviews on this site are given with wholehearted integrity and honesty. If and when any products are featured on site which have been provided for review, these will be denoted with an asterisk (*). Should such products feature, the nature of acquisition will not affect the content of the review. Any form of monetary compensation received will be disclosed as a sponsored post, although these are extremely rare.
I am not obliged to feature any product, nor to review items favourably. I will always give a genuine, unbiased and objective opinion. Integrity and honesty are two values on which I will never compromise.

This blog features affiliate links provided predominantly by Skimlinks, but also rewardStyle and LinkShare, which are streamlined, unobtrusive and designed not to detract from the overall reader experience. Adverts are present on site and I hope that these do not interfere with the aesthetic feel or reader experience of my blog.

Please don't hesitate to contact me at info[at]harrietmanson[dot]com for any further information.

last updated July 2015

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