Kardashian Beauty Khloé Kardazzle Complete Face Palette

Posted on: Sunday, 3 March 2013

NB: The Khroma Beauty range has (as of May 2013) rebranded itself Kardashian Beauty. I have edited the title of the post, but if you are purchasing this product it will now be marked 'Kardashian Beauty' on the packaging instead of 'Khroma Beauty.' I'm assuming the product will remain the same!

Some of the writing has rubbed off the packaging which I didn't notice until I'd photographed this!

The 4 matte shadows swatched
The 4 shimmer shadows swatched
Blush, highlighter and bronzer  swatched - with flash
Blush, highlighter and bronzer  swatched - without flash
Khroma Beauty Khloé Kardazzle Complete Face Palette, €16.95 here

When I found out that the Kardashian's make-up line, Khroma Beauty, was available to purchase in the UK I have to admit I was unbelievably excited. Not because I am a massive Kardashian fan (...which I am), but because I'd seen photos of the Khloé Kardazzle Complete Face Palette on a number of American beauty blogs and thought it looked absolutely beautiful. Disappointingly it had also garnered a multitude of negative reviews, and normally I wouldn't buy something that was so split: I guess it was a moment of madness that spurred me to make the purchase.

And I'm so glad I did! The palette comes with 8 eyeshadows - 4 matte and 4 shimmers, and all are of fantastic quality. The shimmers feel like true foils and glide on with complete ease, and the mattes range from barely-there neutrals to dark chocolates for the crease. The bottom slides out and in there is a super-pigmented coral blusher, a golden-toned highlighter (a good dupe for NARS Albatross, although somewhat chalkier), and a beautiful and again well-pigmented bronzer that is probably one of the best matches for my skintone I've ever come across. A lot of the reviews floating about on blogs suggested the bronzer was so pale you could barely see it; my conclusion is that it's probably better for a light to medium skin tone. From what I can see the bronzers in the Kim and Khloé palettes are near enough identical, so if you're looking for something slightly darker, you may want to have a look at the Kourtney palette.

The eyeshadow colours in the Khloé palette are perfect nude shadows for both daytime and evening looks and I've managed to create a whole host of different looks with the palette. It's also super compact - thinner in width and height than a NARS Laguna bronzer, with sturdy packaging making it perfect for putting in your handbag without fear of it cracking/coming loose and ruining the contents. Some people have criticised its packaging for being made of plastic and feeling cheap, but I think that makes it a much more durable product and I'm distracted by the snakeskin anyway (which I secretly love). It also comes with a very decent sized mirror, handy for applying on the go. After photographing the palette I noticed that some of the writing had rubbed off, which doesn't speak much for its quality, but I'd rather that than the products were bad quality - which they're definitely not in my opinion.

I really can't recommend this palette highly enough. As it's an import it's more expensive here than in the US, but for the equivalent of £15 and if we forget the extortionate P&P for a second I feel like I will absolutely get my money's worth for this. The fact that there are 8 shadows, a bronzer, highlighter and a blusher more than compensates - for me, at least - its mid-range price tag.

What do you think of the Kardashian Complete Face Palettes? Do you like the look of them?

I got my palette from the KhromaBeauty.eu website here, which is an official stockist. It retails for €16.95 (GBP £14.69) and postage was €5.95 (GBP £5.16), which brought my entire total to €22.90 (GBP £19.85). The website stocks a range of Khroma products, and more are expected to be added to the line soon.

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