Jessica Nails 'Banana Peel' Nail Polish

Posted on: Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Jessica Nails 'Banana Peel' Nail Lacquer, 14.8ml, £7.99 here

With Spring upon us, my darker nail polishes have retreated to the back of my vanity case and been replaced at the front by pretty pastels and I couldn't be happier. I love my vampier polishes, but after 6 months, it's nice to look down at my nails and see colours that evoke all things Spring - and this polish is one of my favourite colours from the bunch.

If such a thing exists, I would describe this colour as a 'baby yellow'. It was released with Jessica's Gelato Mio Summer 2012 collection, inspired by the beautiful colours you'd see at an Italian gelateria, and I bought two colours back in July last year. This is my favourite colour from the collection, and I think it looks beautiful on the nails, but I do have a problem with Jessica polishes in general. For a salon-quality, higher-end brand, I find their formulas are quick to go a bit gloopy, and require about 4 or 5 coats to get a decent, unanimous opacity - which means you can end up with lumpy, messy nails (see my index finger in last photograph). If you have the time to take over your manicure, that can be avoided, but when I compare it to the quality of a brand like OPI I just don't think it really comes close to the application, formula and depth of colour.

That all being said, I think this colour is going to be a staple for me this Spring, and I'm just going to have to grin and bear my formula issues!

What do you think of Banana Peel?

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