NOTD: New Years Eve Caviar Nails

Posted on: Saturday, 29 December 2012

Ciaté Cupcake Queen Nail Polish (£9, 13.5ml) & Prom Queen Caviar Pearls (available in this set of 4 mini polishes and 4 mini caviar pearl pots, £20, or in the Mini Mani Month, £38)

New Years Eve is just round the corner and I think this bright manicure with a caviar accent nail would be perfect for the occasion. It's not the most demure manicure but I think it would perfectly complement an LBD and bring a bit of sparkle to an outfit - after all, New Years Eve is kind of like one final blowout of the festive season, so why not go for something a bit fun?

What will you be wearing on your nails on NYE?

L'Anza Keratin Healing Oil Review

Apologies for chipped nails, I don't have an excuse other than being a Christmas sloven.
I was lucky enough to receive two 10ml samples of the gorgeous L'Anza Keratin Healing Oil* in a Christmas lucky-dip bag at work (I know—a beauty lucky dip—heavenly). Hair oils are something I not only love but have tried a lot of, and I had settled down with MoroccanOil for a cosy, glossy-haired life together. However, I think I may have found something even better, which I was beginning to think was impossible after some more disappointing products.

L'Anza isn't a brand I've tried before, but I knew it was one of our bestsellers at work so I was really happy to get these. The first thing to note about this oil is the smell - it's absolutely gorgeous. Where the smell of MoroccanOil is quite rich and nutty, this is much subtler, fresher and I think classier. It's also a clear oil compared to the golden hair oils that contain argan. This instead is made with a protein called Keratin and a Phyto-IV Complex, and the combination of both are designed to repair even the most damaged hair and leave it soft and shiny. Supposedly, it does this from the inside of the hair shaft out, but I'm not sold that any hair oil is capable of that personally.

Other ingredients are acai, babassu kernel oil, and flower oil, which deliver fatty acids to the hair to give it that soft, salon-fresh sheen. According to the bottle it also protects hair against heat - anything up to 500 fahrenheit or 260 degrees celsius, and from UVA and UVB rays.

It certainly sells it self in the bumph, and I was so pleased that this lived up to my expectations and more. My hair feels absolutely amazing after using it: healthy, shiny and bouncy, and that's something I think we all strive for with our hair. I applied it to damp hair and it helped my hair dry in no time at all, before finishing with my BaByliss Big Hair Brush and I was so happy with the results - to think I would pay around £50 to have expensive products used in a salon plus a volumising blow dry when I can achieve the same results at home makes me never want to go to a hairdresser's again (though I am to get my dip dye redone in the New Year)!

Have you tried any L'Anza products or this gorgeous oil? What's your favourite hair treatment?

L'Anza Keratin Healing Oil is available from major online beauty retailers and in some salons. Get a 100ml bottle for 20% off here.

Christmas in Berlin

Posted on: Friday, 28 December 2012

I haven't done many travel posts before (probably because I've hardly been out of the country in the last 18 months), but after a mini-break to Berlin just before Christmas I felt like these were definitely appropriate - at least so I can add my two cents to the Christmassy blogosphere of late. I should probably have uploaded these before the day itself, but I hope you'll appreciate them nonetheless!

Growing up, I feel like every year I struggle more to get into the Christmas spirit. Certainly the last two years I've felt a bit scrooge-esque around the festive season, and it had begun to depress me. British high streets are seriously lacking in Christmas cheer for a number of reasons and so it was time to get out of the country for a seriously OTT Christmas warm-up.

 A lot of the major European cities have massive Christmas markets that run from late November through to early January, and Berlin's are perhaps the most famous of all. This one - Gendarmenmarkt - is right in the centre of Berlin, and set against a beautiful backdrop of some of the city's finest architecture (of which there is not much, actually - I was quite surprised at how drab much of the city looked. It was badly destroyed by Allied bombers in WW2, and whilst there are not smouldering bomb sites around, there is still a lot of rebuilding going on).

 A blurry Instagram snap of a Christmas tree. Because we definitely haven't seen enough of these. This one was ginormous and in the middle of the twee-est Christmas decoration shop I've ever seen, which of course I bought loads of tat from.

 I didn't actually try these, but looking at this picture now, I definitely should have. I think they're liquor-infused chocolate biscuits. This was a stall at another local Christmas market.

 What else is Germany famous for if not its sausages?

 I think this is the best Christmas tree I've ever seen. Actually, this whole shopping centre probably got me more in the mood for Christmas than anything else has ever!

 The Hilton in Berlin - we didn't stay here, but look how pretty it is!

 Christmassy decorations in the hotel foyer.

 Getting fired up on caffeine for a long day of shopping! My nails here are painted with Cabaret by Ciaté.

 The shopping centre I mentioned earlier - how pretty are these chandeliers?!

 A stall at one of the markets - I could easily have taken all of these home!

 This picture was completely accidental - I was trying to take a photo of the penguin on ice skates before this little fella got into the shot and fell over!

So that was Berlin - it definitely made me feel Christmassy and restored my festive spirit!

Did you go away this Christmas?

OPI Skyfall Collection 2012: The Living Daylights, Goldeneye & Casino Royale

Posted on: Saturday, 1 December 2012

Today I just wanted to share with you a (very grainy) Instagram snap of these gorgeous OPI polishes from their Skyfall collection. I've had these a few weeks and have worn them all together: Casino Royale (the beautiful plum colour on the right) on all the nails bar one accent nail (I did my index finger on one hand and the ring finger on the other), which are painted with two coats of Goldeneye (the middle polish) and a top coat of the gorgeous glitter on the left called The Living Daylights.

The result was a classy and understated manicure that would be perfect for Christmas drinks parties - one of my favourites I've ever had!

Have you got any of the James Bond Skyfall polishes? What do you think of these three?

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