Beauty Craze: Snail Cream

Posted on: Monday, 18 June 2012

No, you didn't misread that. Snail cream. Now I'm not particularly well-read on the subject of rubbing mushed up snail juice into your face, but apparently this craze came out of Asia and is now sweeping Europe and America. But is snail sweat really the answer to our skin prayers?

Well, a few samples were sent into work this week. Perhaps unsurprisingly everyone in the office (bar me - always taking one for the team) seemed pretty unenthusiastic about trying these out - so off I went, armed with three 'Escargot extract' creams - one for anti-ageing, one for night, and one for everyday dry skin. Whilst I'm more than willing to try putting snail goo on my face for the sake of beauty, I don't imagine that I'll get much use from it before I feel completely disgusted, so I gave (and probably repulsed) my mum and my boyfriend's mum the anti-ageing and night creams. I expected it to smell a bit funny; I don't think it did smell funny, I think it smelt like a normal moisturiser, but I convinced myself it smelled of snail sweat and thus felt a bit icky whilst I was wearing it!

My bare face (shudder) after its date with Snail Cream
Anyway, after my shower yesterday morning I put this on, and left my skin bare for the rest of the day (God bless Sundays). The results? Good, but nothing special. Not good enough to warrant the gross factor, anyway. Nor the fact that actually, snails are quite cute, even if they do chew up my mum's vegetable patches. My skin felt nice and moisturised, and my complexion was noticeably more balanced: but none of the results were ones I wouldn't get from a normal, non-snaily day cream.

I didn't catch the exact brand of this, but I know there are quite a few and I'm guessing they are quite expensive. My verdict? A bit gross, and probably not worth the hype, or money.

Have you tried snail cream, or any other bizarre beauty creams?

Week in Pictures

Posted on: Sunday, 17 June 2012

Six Dinner Sid, Italian Feast,
Cheesy smiles and no make-up, Lindt
My skin's reaction to hayfever!, Basketball,
Stella, DIY Essie French Manicure

Hope you've all had a wonderful week and a lovely weekend,


June Wishlist

Posted on: Monday, 11 June 2012

Liz Earle Skin Tint, Essie As Gold As It Gets (L) and Set In Stones (R)
Topshop studded pastel pumps, Topshop spiky bracelet set
The new Essie luxeffects polishes are so lovely and are right up my street! These were the two colours that took my fancy, but there are three other pretty ones too - have a look here if you're interested.

I received some samples of the Liz Earle Skin Tint with my Cleanse & Polish and have really enjoyed wearing them - the formula is nice and dewy and left my skin looking very clean and natural, and feeling super soft. Big thumbs up and I reaaaaaally want to purchase full size now!

The pumps, I think, have caught my eye because of Essie's Mint Candy Apple. I honestly think it's the perfect pastel shade.

These studded and spiked bracelets from Topshop I think would look great with a tan, some shorts and some gladiator sandals. I'm normally quite minimal on the jewellery front and I want to get some nice pieces before I'm away on holiday and these really caught my eye.

NARS Thakoon Collection (image courtesy of PolishPolice), Caudalie Beauty Elixir,
Topshop bag, MAC Morange, Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDP

I love this collection for NARS and think the colours are spot on for summer brights. I still haven't got my hands on Caudalie Beauty Elixir but I hear good things about it so often that when payday comes I think that will be one of my purchases. Another product I've never had - MAC Morange. I love oranges and think this lipstick would be quite flattering on me. Plus, it's summer - when else can you wear a bright orange lip? I might pick this up as a Fashion Set when I'm next in MAC. Finally, Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDP, which I've used before (twice) and love unconditionally. It's the perfect scent in my book.
What are you lusting after?

Harriet xx

Week in Pictures

Posted on: Sunday, 10 June 2012

Well it's been another slack week for me on the blog front I'm afraid, which is entirely down to the untimely breakage of my MacBook Pro (which is being taken away for repair tomorrow so will hopefully be back with me in about 10 days). I have a number of drafts saved which I just need to finish up on and I should have a whole host of new posts this week! Anyway, the obligatory Sunday night 'week in pictures' post. Hope you have all had a lovely week despite this horrendous weather! xx

Vogue collection, one speck of sunshine,
indoor BBQ, me

Macbook going to get diagnosed, discarded jubilee paraphernalia,
OPI Spiderman Minis Collection (right and left)
The 'don't worry - be happy' bag which cheered me up this week, french manicures, and my Siamese cat!

Clarisonic Mia: Review

Posted on: Sunday, 3 June 2012

Having had and religiously used my Clarisonic Mia for just short of a month, I felt the time was nigh to blog about my personal thoughts of this much-loved cult product. Across hundreds of review sites and blogs the Clarisonic Mia has received near-perfect ratings; that is not to say that for some people, the product is all talk and no walk.

I bought mine from BuyaPowa for £90 (it normally retails for £120) and got the White version. White would have been my choice anyway, so when it popped up on BuyaPowa, I couldn't resist.

Inside the box comes the Mia, the pLink Charger, and a sample-size cleanser (mine came with the Gentle Hydro Cleanser which I think is standard, as is the Sensitive brush head - as opposed to Normal, Delicate, Body and Deep Pore which you can purchase separately at £21 a pop). I was happy enough with the brush head as I'd classify my skin as normal, verging on dry, and relatively unproblematic, and I use Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish or Simple Cleansing Lotion so my sample cleanser remains unused.

Clarisonic say:
"Traditional methods of cleansing don't get your skin as clean as you'd think...Using Sonic Technology, Clarisonic's patented micro-massage motion works within skin's natural elasticity to gently remove the impurities traditional methods leave behind - leaving skin softer, smoother and more beautiful."
The Mia, Clarisonic say, cleanses your skin six times more effectively than traditional methods in just 60 seconds, and prepares your skin for the absorption of moisturisers, serums and make-up. You can use the Mia both morning and night (I stick to just at night).

My thoughts:
The Clarisonic is great. Not amazing, revolutionary, or life-changing, but a welcome addition to my skincare routine. Whilst I wouldn't say it has made a vast difference to the quality of my skin - I still get dry patches and the 'softness' immediately post-cleanse I think is more down to the cleanser than the Clarisonic - it has begun to help with the reduction of my redness (I am very much cool-toned and get very blotchy pink cheeks!). This will remain a staple in my skincare routine, but is not something I would shout from the rooftops about.

One side note: Clarisonic recommends you change your brush head every 3-4 months. As a bit of a bacteria-phobe, I imagine I will be ordering a new brush head fairly soon. In between changing up your brush heads, Clarisonic recommend that once a week you "wash the brush head and handle separately using warm soapy water to remove any residue buildup" (the device is waterproof). For me, again, this doesn't quite cut it so I use sterilising tablets designed to clean baby bottles, dummies etc, that you can get in many pharmacies and supermarkets, and soak the brush head in water with the tablet (following instructions given).

Do you use a Mia? What are your thoughts?

Week in Pictures

Another very minimal week for me on the photo front I'm afraid! But thought I'd post nonetheless as I really enjoy looking at other people's photo/Instagram diaries (and most of the time feeling very jealous).

Spot the lazy cat, Starbucks,
Essie, Purring Tendertone
Me and Dora, BBQ Feast,
Magners, Essie Manicure

Hope you've all had a great week and enjoyed the Jubilee celebrations despite the weather!

Essie Haul

Posted on: Saturday, 2 June 2012

I'm back! Finished my exams on Thursday and am free of uni work for summer - so relieved! And it means I'll be blogging a lot more, which (I hope) is a good thing! Anyway, my sister and I went into town today with the intention of getting our feet nibbled by little fish at a foot spa, but much to our disappointment, the shop was shut! So instead we decided to go to Boots (our local one is small and doesn't stock Essie - boo hoo) and have a look at the Essie nail polishes. I've been a fan of Mint Candy Apple for some time and when I heard that Essie were launching in Boots and Superdrug I couldn't have been more excited - perhaps the foot spa being closed was a blessing in disguise as we walked out with six new polishes! I've included Mint Candy Apple in the photos because it's too pretty a colour not to!

L-R: Dive Bar, Lapiz of Luxury, Mint Candy Apple, Chinchilly, 5th Avenue, Peach Daiquiri, Splash of Grenadine

L-R: Dive Bar, Lapiz of Luxury, Mint Candy Apple, Chinchilly, 5th Avenue, Peach Daiquiri, Splash of Grenadine

Dive Bar - described as "a mysterious blackest blue with shimmer"

Lapiz of Luxury - described as "a dreamy ocean blue"
Mint Candy Apple - described as "creme de menthe mint"
Chinchilly - described as "a sleek granite grey"

5th Avenue - described as "a stylish and creamy red-orange blend"
Peach Daiquiri - described as "a peachy, mouth-watering cocktail"
Splash of Grenadine - described as "a playful magenta pink"

Nails painted in Peach Daiquiri, Splash of Grenadine & Chinchilly
I've used three of the seven colours I have to paint my nails today, and am absolutely loving them - they look so bright and summery! Essie is such a high quality brand (although bottles are expensive at £7.99) and the application is fantastic, as is the wear time. When payday comes I'll be stocking up on some more pastels and nudes that I've got my beady little eyes on...

Are you an Essie fan? What are your favourite shades?

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